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Here to provide those with only the most soft yet vibrant colors into your palette. Pigments and colors fit for the youngest of beginners to the most experienced painters.
The comapny

Here with us at Waterbrushed, started in 1999, we guarantee the most vibrant of pigments from organic ingredients as our base.

We provide paints by the pan, and soft brushes that, while are able to hold a good amount of paint, are also able to maintain and come back to a point.

Our paints may come at sets, or sold separately, as well as our brushes.

The product
Our brushes and paints lean more towards the professional side in our consumers, so they are more often used by those in the those in the serious projects and professions.

We are more well known for our sable, and goat hair brushes, which the kind of hair is most favorable while using paints in general. Sable brushes are best used in round brushes that need to hold a point and maintain their shape.

Goat hair brushes and other varieties are much more common, and these types of hairs, of course, have different qualities to them as well. While these hairs do not hold a point very well, they are better suited for different painting techniques. Goat hairs, for example, are well suited to mop and wash brushes.

The binder for our paints are natural gum arabic, and is what holds the pigment in place. The binder also allows the pigment to adhere to the paper, or other mediums, once it is applied. In order to use pans, of course, you only need to activate them with a little water. Our pans are semi-moist.

In the future, we also hope to provide watercolor books and other materials for painting. We hope to find that our books may also be organic, and made from reused, recycled, handmade papers.
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